Vulnerability protection in real time

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A security consultant for everybody

  • A simple way to track your software and notify vulnerabilities in human language
  • Alertot descreases your exposure time
  • We work hand in hand with you, giving accurate information to developers, security experts, and managers

We analyze your platform

  • Alertot analyzes your technological stack permanently
  • We identify software running at version level
  • We notify if your software has potential security problems

Permanent monitoring

  • We scrape and identify security issues in software running on yur platforms all the time
  • Alertot searches for problems in multiple sources: repositories, forums, social networks
  • We process a lot of data to detect vulnerabilities, even if they are not solved yet

Real time notification

  • Alertot notifies when you are vulnerable by different ways
  • Solutions and alternatives for problems detected
  • We increase our detection capacity permanently
  • You can set who and how team members receive information
  • Less false positives, notifying problems related to your software only

Focus on your business not in security

Your business growth is the most important, don't lose your focus with security.