Decrease your exposure time

Hackers attack minutes after a new vulnerability is published. Alertot helps to decrease exposure time in organizations notifying new issues when they are disclosed. Don't wait for updates, stay one step ahead and track your vulnerabilities continuously and early.

Proactive cloud-based solutions
for organizations of all sizes

Advanced Detection Manager

Vulnerabilities stay published a mean of 6 months before you know about them. Using machine learning, Alertot Advanced Detection Manager analyze data from multiples sources to identify last disclosed issues, decreasing exposure time by months and notifying edge problems to organizations requiring an extra layer of protection against unknown attacks.

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Vulnerability Manager

Alertot Vulnerability Manager let you know at the moment the security status of your assets, mixing the power of Detectem with private and public vulnerability databases. We’ve re-thought how vulnerabilities has to be managed, giving a easy-to-use solution to IT Teams and security specialists.

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Software inventory on assets has never been easier. Detectem analyzes your platforms and detects what is running on them, giving you instant visibility of all your softwares, identifying changes at a level version automatically. Check our open source version available for pentesters and researchers.

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Detect early, detect faster.

A complete suite of services
to keep your assets under control

Software management

Software inventory management is a hard work, specially if you have a huge network. Our specialists can help your organization to identify clearly its attack surface, detecting Cryptominers, forgotten softwares and other common issues.

Early notification of vulnerabilities

We go one step ahead in security. Receiving information early, security teams can be better prepared to defend their position from attackers. It’s not only about getting information of known issues, we search for new ones analyzing data from multiple sources continuously, notifying and helping your organization to solve them.

Ethical Hacking

Pentesting and security assessment on demand. More than 10 year of experience in security give us the expertise to handle projects of different sizes, securing infrastructure and websites.

Web scraping and data analysis

Information is out there, you only need to process it to accomplish your security and business goals. Our team has a vast experience in web scraping and data analysis, developing projects for major companies worldwide.

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Case Study Image

Alertot at 8dot8 Chile and Bolivia

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Research: Getting the list of Chilean domains

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Detectem in EkoLabs

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Enumerating software: Alertot in Starsconf 2017

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Alertot was selected in Start-Up Chile

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